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Candace Robb Author Photo Candace Robb is the author of two ongoing mystery series featuring medieval sleuths, the Margaret Kerr Mysteries and the Owen Archer Mysteries .

The setting for the latest in the Owen Archer Series, Guilt of Innocents, , is Winter 1372, York. A man has drowned in the River Ouse after a skirmish with boys from St Peter's School. It soon becomes clear that his death was not an accident; but why would a humble pilot on the river be killed for possessing a young boy's purse? Suspicion falls on Father Nicholas Ferriby-Vicar of Weston and master of a small grammar school, who has already offended many with his unpopular beliefs. But is he really a murderer? One-eyed spy, Owen Archer, Captain of Archbishop Thoresby's guard and noted for solving many crimes, is quickly brought to the scene by his adoptive son, Jasper. Clear that the pilot has been killed for more than a purse, an increasingly cantankerous Thoresby reluctantly agrees to let Owen investigate the man's murder. Torn between solving the crime and looking after his wife, Lucie, who is expecting their long-awaited third child, Owen is soon taken away from home. When another body is found in the river and Owen and Jasper get nearer to the truth, they find their own lives in jeopardy...

The Owen Archer mysteries ( The Apothecary Rose, The Lady Chapel, The Nun's Tale, The King's Bishop, The Riddle of St. Leonard's, A Gift of Sanctuary, A Spy for the Redeemer, The Cross Legged Knight, The Guilt of Innocents and the short story "The Bone Jar" ) are set in England in the late 14th century. Owen Archer is a spy for John Thoresby, Archbishop of York and sometime Lord Chancellor of England. Owen is ably assisted in his sleuthing by an ensemble of York residents who include his wife, the Apothecary Lucie Wilton; Bess Merchet, proprietor of the York Tavern; Magda Digby, midwife; and Brother Michaelo, the Archbishop's secretary. There are more Owen Archer mysteries to come...

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Guilt of Innocents

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The Apothecary Rose The Apothecary Rose Die Rose des Apothekers El secreto del boticario Gif voor een pelgrim La Rose de L'apothicaire La Rosa Del Farmacista Apoteker Rosen
The Lady Chapel The Lady Chapel Die Kapelle des Erzbischofs El misterio de la capilla De gemantelde vrouw La Chapelle de la Vierge
The Nun's Tale Das Geheimnis der Nonne El relato de la monja De gevleugelde non Le Dit de la Nonne
The Nun's Tale
The King's Bishop Der Lordkanzler des Königs El obispo del rey De man van de Koning
The King's Bishop
 The Riddle of St. Leonard's  The Riddle of St. Leonard's Das Rästel von St. Leonhard El enigma de San Leonardo
 The Gift of Sanctuary  The Gift of Sanctuary Der Kämmerer des Herzogs El crimen del santuario
A Spy for the Redeemer
A Cross Legged Knight
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